Jochef Culinary Knife Roll

Jochef Culinary Knife Roll


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Description of product

This handcrafted and personalised knife roll ensures that your knife kit reaches the kitchen and back without a knick. The knife roll can hold 4 large 4 small and 3 plating accessories. The strong multi layer leather used in crafting this rolls ensure that your knives are not damaged nor do they cause any damage to anyone or anything around them. The distinct look of the Jochef Knife roll will certainly add to your reputation and recognition as a professional chef. Jochef Knife rolls are made in different colour combination and sometimes can be customised to include other sizes of knives. Communicate your requirements after you place your order . Please note that extensive customisation requests will attract additional changes .

NOTE: All products are handcrafted against order. It takes approximately one week to ready the product for delivery. In case you require it urgently, call us to discuss before placing the order.

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